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Supply and demand

In 2013, Smets Food Trading was founded by Peter Smets. He started his company to focus on import of smaller fruit and vegetables.

“I already knew the fruit and vegetables market well because I have over 25 years’ of experience. I started this company to take care of the entire process of purchasing at the supplier, via transport to the customer. Our network provides almost every product, which we import from multiple countries in South-Europe. Mainly from our target countries such as Spain, Italy and France. We’re constantly aiming for fresh quality products that we can sell all year round.”

- Peter Smets


We deliver fresh products to your door


We identify the best producers for your products


We can import and export to anywhere you require


We deliver the highest quality products for a fair price


We deliver your products in the desired quantity and packaging


We import exotic products all year round

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The orange belongs to th Rutaceae family originated in China more then 2000 years ago. A orange is round in shape and orange-colored. The orange is a hybrid between pomelo and mandarin (tangerine). The orange is used in several other products, such as Orange juice, rozen orange juice, orange oil, marmalade and the orange peel is used as a slug repellent. The word orange comes from the Sanskrit (language of ancient India) word for 'orange tree'.

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"We make sure that good products are being delivered on the right time. In which quality and continuity are the most important for supplier and client."


"We want to connect suppliers and clients from all over the world with a supply chain as short as possible by taking over time-consuming activities for both parties."